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NaviTrader provides premier training programs for Futures, FOREX, Stock, and Options Trading. Our live, web-based, educational trading programs provide the essential components needed to succeed in the world of trading. Learn how to consistently reach your trading goals in any market.

Featured Services

marker Futures and FOREX training and support.
  • Futures and FOREX live trading sessions give you real-time training during market hours with step-by-step commentary. Live trading sessions with access to live trading workshops and unlimited support. Call 800.987.6269 to speak with a customer service representative.

marker Powerful technical analysis tools. Trendicator™ and Tradefinder™ tools for analyzing market trends. Trendicators are a group of proprietary indicators developed through 20 plus years of market research that identify the current trend and momentum. One of the best predictors of any market getting ready to make a big move is momentum. Tradefinder™ is a revolutionary new way to automate your search for the best trading opportunities. Instead of watching multiple monitors with multiple charts for hours on end, you can let the computer do that task for you. learn more

Ultimate Benefits

The NaviTrader Ultimate Trader Program will Teach You How to Make Your Money Work Harder in Today’s Financial Markets

This program will  show you the full range of choices that you have when it comes to investing and trading in today’s financial markets.
  • • NaviTrader can introduce you to the exciting world of trading in the futures markets,  and provide you with practical training and advice from seasoned professional traders and investors. A major benefit is that we teach and demonstrate to you over a period of months, all of the how to’s of trading during live market conditions.
  • • NaviTrader provides you access to one of the most comprehensive trading education and training systems available anywhere; the Ultimate Trader Program. With expert training from NaviTrader you’ll gain the confidence that you need to trade in today’s  financial markets. We’ll teach you how it’s possible to profit from everyday changes in the prices, regardless of whether those prices are moving up or down. No need to wait for the next bull market.
  • • Trading offers you a way to start an independent business without the kind of up-front investments that most other businesses require.
  • • No staff to hire, no inventory to buy and no rent to pay. You have the freedom to execute your trades from literally anywhere in the world and you can set your own hours as markets are open 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday.
  • • At NaviTrader, our knowledgeable professionals make it their mission to educate our clients on exactly how to maximize their chances of success in the trading field. We are offering a unique opportunity for you to learn to trade during actual market conditions with our unique education and mentoring program.

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What our members and students are saying...

"Your futures training and futures trading room have made the difference for me. This is definitely the best futures training out there. You explain the process and demonstrate how to trade for the greatest probability of profits. There is just no match for your quality and support. I traded the e-mini setup you showed in the room and got in at 836 and it went right where you said at 848. That 12 pts gave me $600 for the 1 contract I did with the trading room. This is giving me the freedom that I always wanted and now I finally have it. Thanks for your great service." -Brent A.

"Great trades today! Just using your PB strategy, on the TF, I had 3 trades in this morning's futures session that made $400 on one contract. Of the 3 trades, two made $100, each, and one trade that made $200. This is working out great for me."  - Alan G..

"Once again I would like to thank you for spending so much time today on the 2 min chart and presenting entry/exit techniques. It was great. I learn a lot from your sessions and always look forward to learning something new. It is great that you are willing to share your knowledge with us."   -Ewa R.