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Our Ultimate Trader services feature a complete membership program with Live Market Training and Unlimited Support. View samples from our sessions.

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Business Solutions

Training and support for traders and investors.
  • Futures and FOREX live market sessions give you training during market hours with commentary. Live
  • Training sessions with a professional trader showing Live Market Charts and unlimited support. Call 800.987.6269 to speak with a customer service representative.

  • Become the BEST Trader that You Can Be

  •   Essential techniques with Real-time Live Market Room Workshops

    • Important Trading Tools to Help you Improve Your Trading
    • Live Market Workshops in Training Room
    • Price/Action Auto-Setups on Charts
    • High Volume Visual Auto-Setups on Charts
    • Personal 1-On-1 Setup and Mentoring Sessions
    • Unlimited Support

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  • Simplify Your Trading and Improve It!

    • Control Your Emotional Trading
    • Identify Choppy Markets in Real-Time
    • Easily and Visually Identify Trends
    • Identify Reversals in Real-Time
    • Identify Momentum before it makes BIG Moves
    • Auto-Analyze the Market with Visual Tools

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Automated Systems. NaviTrader Offers, on a limited basis, our TradeBrain Automated System.

Based on tested systems
Both long and short potential positions
Removes emotional decisions
No overnight risk
Offers you the ability to diversify
Offered on a limited basis to protect liquidity of systems we trade

  • No Coding required-Come to our LIVE Market Sessions to SEE for yourself how our TradeBrain Automated System could help you.

  • This system also allows you to backtest and create templates for any market for which you have data.

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  • Contact us at 1+(800) 987-6269 to check availability




Trendicators are a group of proprietary indicators developed through 20 plus years of market research that identify the current trend and momentum. One of the best predictors of any market getting ready to make a big move is momentum. With Trendicators, you will never have to guess on the current trend. The price chart will be Green in an up trend and Red in a down trend. You will know when the trend changes, giving you high probability points for potential trades. Most importantly, you may be able to let your winners run so that you may stay in trades longer. We offer FREE weekly webinar demonstrations on how to best utilize the Trendicator Indicators to show you how you may be able to put the odds in your favor in all markets, including FOREX, futures, ETF’s, bonds and stocks.



  • Stay on the right side of the trend
  • Identify momentum as it is happening
  • Green price bars indicate up trends
  • Red price bars indicate down trends
  • HiLo Indicator identifies support and resistance levels
    Works in any market/any time frame

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TradeFinder is a revolutionary new way to automate your search for high probability trading opportunities. Instead of watching multiple monitors with multiple charts for hours on end, you can let the computer do that task for you. The TradeFinder allows you to monitor multiple instruments and multiple markets. TradeFinder is constantly searching, using the unique Trendicator indicators, for trades that are getting ready to make a big move, and alerts you of the high probability moves in the market. The TradeFinder provides you with Pop Up, E-mail and audible alerts. We offer FREE weekly webinar demonstrations on how to best utilize the TradeFinder so you may spot opportunities in all markets, including FOREX, futures, ETF’s, bonds and stocks.


  • • Simplify trading opportunities
  • • Identify momentum as it is occurring in real time
  • • No need to stare at monitors for hours waiting for trading opportunities
  • • Allows you to monitor multiple markets simultaneously
  • • Lets you monitor multiple time frames simultaneously
  • • 3 kinds of alerts: pop-up, email, and audible alerts
  • • Easy to set up in 15 minutes
  • • Helps to simplify your trading for less stress
  • • No need to watch multiple monitors anymore
  • • Works in any market/any time frame
  • • Helps you to become more selective in your trading
  • • Templates eliminate the  need to reset preferences each time you use TradeFinder™
  • • Free training and support