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NaviTrader Futures training with live Market Training room workshops

  • NaviTrader provides training programs for Futures Trading

  • Our training programs give you the essential components needed in the world of trading.

  • Consistency is the Key. We show you how to build consistency.

  • Learn how to pin-point the Trend and targets so that you may take advantage of the moves that happen every day. You will see all of the various timeframe charts and indicators that setup potential opportunities for both Futures and FOREX in our Training Room with actual LIVE REAL-TIME MARKET DATA during market hours with commentary.

  • Risk Management is paramount. We have developed a unique Training Program that incorporates all the gems learned throughout the years which will help you shorten your learning curve and limit your risk. Having this information could potentially save you thousands upon thousands by applying risk management techniques.

  • We have developed tools and techniques that may potentially make your job easier and more productive. Our goal is to make trading a more intuitive process for you.

  • Our Futures workshops give you a potential edge with LIVE MARKET Training to help build your knowledge of setups, entries and exits, trade management, risk management and personal support.

  • You will learn how to analyze trades and zero in the trading candidates. We discuss the potential setups that are best for the specific situations.

  • We teach you how to build your Trading Plan. A successful trading business is like any other business; you must have a business plan and you must follow your plan.

  • Learn to trade with discipline and potentially improve your overall Trader Psychology.


Ultimate Trader Program

Learn Essential Trading Rules and Techniques:

  • • Online training group in our Member Room along with live charts in our room on Mondays-Fridays (from 9 AM Eastern Time (USA) until 11 AM Eastern Time-excluding Room closed days) for the entire monthly term of training.

  • • 1-On-1 Personal Support/Setup/Mentoring Sessions

  • • Unlimited Online Support

  • • Trendicators Custom Membership Charting

  • • TradeFinder CustomMembership Market Analyzer

  • • Automator Auto-Setup Membership System

  • • Automatic Auto-Trailing Stop Membership System

    • • Learn powerful setups

    • • Trade management techniques

    • • Risk management

    • • Technical chart analysis

    • • Entry and exit techniques for capturing the significant moves

    • • Best times to trade the various trading instruments

  • • You will also be receiving unlimited support during this period

  • • The live market sessions take place in the NaviTrader web room via the Internet. Members can attend each session through the convenience of their homes or offices.

  • • Live training sessions also allow for a collaborative effort among members who wish to contribute


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Ultimate Trader Program
    • LEARN how to:

    • • Determine optimal entry and exit points

      • Protect Your Profits with Automatic Trailing Stops and Determine Stop Placement

    • • Easily Determine Trend, Price/Action and Momentum as well as Choppy Markets

    • • Have automatic Setup Signals in REAL TIME

    • • Have Automatic Exit on either a profit target or a trailing stop


    Learn More: Call us at 800-987-6269 or email us at