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NaviTrader Futures training Membership with live Market Training room workshops

  • NaviTrader provides training membership programs for Futures Trading

  • Our training programs give you the essential components needed in the world of trading.

  • Consistency is the Key. We show you how to help build consistency.

  • Learn how to pin-point the Trend and targets so that you may take advantage of the moves that happen every day.

  • You will see all of the various timeframe charts and indicators that setup potential opportunities for Futures in our Membership Training Room with actual LIVE REAL-TIME MARKET DATA during market hours with commentary.

  • Risk Management is paramount.

  • We have developed a unique Training Program that incorporates best practices learned throughout the years which may help you shorten your learning curve.

  • We have developed tools and techniques that may potentially make your job easier and more productive.

  • Our goal is to make trading a more intuitive process for you.

  • Our Futures workshops give you a potential edge with LIVE MARKET Training to help build your knowledge of setups, entries and exits, trade management, risk management.

  • You will learn how to analyze trades and zero in the trading candidates.

  • We discuss the potential setups that are best for the specific situations.

  • We teach you how to build your Trading Plan. A successful trading business is like any other business; you must have a business plan and you must follow your plan.

  • Learn to trade with discipline and potentially improve your overall Trader Psychology.


Ultimate Trader Program Memberships

Learn Essential Trading Rules and Techniques:

  • • Online training group in our Member Room along with live charts in our room on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (from 9 AM Eastern Time (USA) until 11 AM Eastern Time-excluding Room closed days) for the entire monthly term of training.

  • • 1-On-1 Personal Support/Setup/Mentoring Sessions

  • • Unlimited Online Support

  • • Trendicators Custom Membership System

  • • TradeFinder Custom Membership Market Analyzer

  • • Automator Auto-Setup Membership System

  • • Automatic Auto-Trailing Stop Membership System

    • • Learn powerful setups

    • • Trade management techniques

    • • Risk management

    • • Technical chart analysis

    • • Entry and exit techniques

    • • Best times to trade the various trading instruments

  • • You will also be receiving unlimited support during this period

  • • The live market sessions take place in the NaviTrader web room via the Internet. Members can attend each session through the convenience of their homes or offices.

  • • Live training sessions also allow for a collaborative effort among members who wish to contribute

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Ultimate Trader Program
    • LEARN how to:

    • • Determine optimal entry and exit points

      • Protect your position with Automatic Trailing Stops and Determine Stop Placement

    • • Easily Determine Trend, Price/Action and Momentum as well as Choppy Markets

    • • Have automatic Setup Signals in REAL TIME

    • • Have Automatic Exit on either a profit target or a trailing stop


    Learn More: Call us at 800-987-6269 or email us at   See risk statements below.